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Manufacturers must ensure that products are safe and pose no harm to consumers. The majority of products on the market benefit or enhance people’s lives in one way or another. However, thousands of products are also subject to recall every year and some are so dangerous that they injure or lead to wrongful death. The Law Firm of Jonathan D. Light, P.C. can investigate your accident to determine whether a defective product was a factor.

Ways products can be defective

From a legal standpoint, there are three ways in which a product can be defective:

  • Design flaws. Flawed product engineering can lead to a defective product. Take motor vehicles, for example. In recent years, Toyota produced a car model where the accelerator pedal stuck because of a friction issue. Wear and environmental factors led to the accelerator sticking in certain instances, which caused a number of car accidents and resulted in subsequent lawsuits. Toyota recalled the model, and company engineers designed a reinforcement bar to install into the accelerator pedal that would eliminate excess friction and correct the design flaw.
  • Manufacturing defects. Despite good product designs, sometimes the manufacturing process is defective and this leads to injuries. For example, an auto parts manufacturer that fails to meet the industry’s standard of specifications for manufacturing a machined part because of inadequate quality control can produce defective products. Perhaps inspection does not catch that a batch of parts were manufactured at the wrong tolerance and the error leads to a dysfunctional part.
  • Marketing defects. Products must contain labels that give directions for use or safety operation manuals that warn consumers about product dangers. Pharmaceutical drugs provide examples of marketing defects where bottles do not warn consumers about a medication’s potential side effects or risks of combining one type of medication with another. When an individual uses a product as it was reasonably intended and suffers injury because of inherent dangers that the manufacturer failed to warn about, there may be grounds for a products liability case.

Jonathan Lightrepresents clients in legal actions against large corporations that manufacture defective products in any of the above ways. Having a strong advocate at your side who has decades of experience provides reassurance that your case is in good hands.

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