Drug Use – A Leading Cause in Truck Accidents

Truck drivers using prescription or over-the-counter drugs are prone to causing accidents. It is a known scientific fact that certain drugs dull perceptions or impede judgment when driving. If you suffer injury in a truck accident where the driver was under the influence of drugs, find out how the Boston Law Firm of Jonathan D. Light, P.C. can help.

Statistics about the relationship between drug use and truck accidents

Many truck drivers have long hauls and tight delivery deadlines. Sick drivers may take prescription or over-the-counter drugs to combat an illness while continuing to deliver their cargo. Or when lengthy service hours lead to fatigue, a truck driver sometimes takes a drug to stay awake while driving. Whatever the reason, statistics show that drug use is a factor in too many accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducted a truck accident causation study and listed drug use as a leading accident cause. Over-the-counter drugs were factors in 17 percent and illegal drug use in two percent of truck accidents. Prescription drugs were also a factor.

Drug testing required for truck drivers

Because drug use is a significant issue, the FMCSA imposes strict rules about drug use for truck drivers. All companies must conduct drug testing prior to hiring a driver, during the truck driver’s employment and subsequent to an accident. When a trucking company considers hiring a truck driver ― in addition to requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL) ― the company tests the driver for controlled substances before allowing the driver to perform a "safety sensitive function." Or, when an employer suspects the driver used controlled substances or alcohol, the employer bears a responsibility to test the driver for drug use. The FMCSA requires truck drivers to receive random drug tests during employment, and all drivers are subject to equal chance of selection for testing. A truck driver involved in a fatal accident must submit to drug tests and so must truck drivers involved in crashes where law enforcement cited them for speeding, or where accidents involved injury or towed vehicles.

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